5 Ways This Collar Can Protect Your Dog

Furtrieve combines the latest technology with a collar to make pet tracking easier than ever. These five features of the Furtrieve device help to ensure that your best friend is always happy, healthy, and secure.


1. GPS Tracking with street view

Furtrieve will keep track of your pet anytime, anywhere. Use our mobile app or web portal to locate your pet.  The app features a map, satellite, and Street View so you can see your pet’s precise location.


2. TWO way communication

Talk to your pet and ease their anxiety anytime, anywhere. Furtrieve has a speaker and microphone built into the device.  Just hit the “Call My Pet” button on the app, and you can speak can speak to pet and anyone that may be near your pet as well.


3. Crowd-notify

Provides you the assistance of family, friends, or neighbors with just the press of a button. If your pet is lost, Crowd-Notify activates a network of people to help locate your pet.  Simply hit the Crowd-Notify button on your mobile app. A text is then sent out to find your pet and a group chat is formed to coordinate and recover your lost pet.


4. Mobile virtual fence

Ensure your pet doesn’t stray too far. With our Mobile Virtual Fence technology, you will be able to set a virtual boundary around your pet and receive an alert when your pet leaves the area.


5. activity and history tracking

Furtrieve can also monitor your pet’s activity. With Furtrieve’s history tracking feature, you will be able to see everywhere your pet has gone over the past 6 months.


10 million dogs and cats are lost across the United States every year, according to the American Humane Association. Furtrieve will give all pet owners a peace of mind and can prevent losing your pet. Our Furtrieve device gives you the ability to communicate with your pet, track their location and notify friends if your pet goes missing.