Our Team

The Furtrieve Mission

The mission of Furtrieve is to bring a unique focus and peace of mind to our pet-owning customers. We’re here to provide our customers with the most innovative way to be reunited with their pets anytime and anywhere if they’re lost or stolen.  We do this by bringing never-before-seen capabilities to the pet tracking industry that includes cellular tracking, two-way communication, Crowd-Notification, and social media integration.


 Jordan Hetlund   CEO/Founder

Jordan Hetlund


 Luke   Chief Eating Officer


Chief Eating Officer

 Kristen Kaps   Marketing Director/Founder

Kristen Kaps

Marketing Director/Founder

 Otis Chow   Head of Security

Otis Chow

Head of Security

 Travis Ellis   Graphic Design Intern

Travis Ellis

Graphic Design Intern

 Moa Feldenheimer   Export/Marketing

Moa Feldenheimer