This Collar is Revolutionizing the Pet Industry

By: Khalil Taylor, Mackenzie Sherman, and Vanessa Abplanalp

Furtrieve collar JH.jpg

Furtrieve gives pet owners peace of mind. The Furtrieve device utilized with our app or website gives you the ability to know your pet's location at all times. You can authorize anyone to log onto our online portal and track your pet, greatly reducing the anxiety of losing them.


Coordinating a search for your pet has never been easier, just select Crowd-Notify within the Furtrieve app, and a group chat is started with your pre-selected contacts. At just the touch of a button, alert up to 10 friends, family, or neighbors that your pet is on the loose and you need help tracking them. A link is sent out, which constantly updates your pet's location for up to 24 hours and forms a group chat.


The device’s built in microphone and speaker allow you to communicate with your pet or people in close proximity to them. You can also call the device from your phone.


Tap "Mobile Virtual Fence" in the Furtrieve app menu to create a 100 meter boundary (~325 feet) around your pet. You will receive a notification if your pet leaves the designated area. Your Furtrieve device is the focal point of the mobile virtual fence so you can feel safe about your pet inside the fence.


You can even see where your pet has been with our history feature. Up to 4 months of your pets location is stored inside the Furtrieve app. With the Furtrieve collar, mobile app, and web portal, never worry about losing your pet again.