The Most Advanced Pet Collar You’ll Ever Find

By: Ben Lashar


Make one of the most stressful moments in a pet owner’s life become a non-event.  With the Furtrieve device and app, anyone you want can monitor and track your pet’s location, allowing quick and easy recovery.


Know the minute your pet takes off. Our Mobile Virtual Fence option alerts you the second when your dog leaves the virtual boundary you create. 


Finding a lost pet is a team effort, so shouldn’t pet tracking technology be pack-oriented? Use Furtrieve’s Crowd-Notify feature to alert 10 friends, family members, and/or neighbors. Your pack (of contacts) will receive a link to a group chat that shows your pet’s location and updates every 30 seconds.


Curious on what your pet is up to when you’re not around? Use the history feature to see everywhere your dog has been over the past four months.


Need to calm down your pet during their unexpected day out? Use the built-in microphone to talk directly to your pet. You can even communicate with anyone they’ve meet along the way.


Prevent your pets from being one of the ten million that go missing every year. Furtrieve’s pet tracking, communication, and group notify options ensures painless recovery of any lost pet.