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Track and communicate with your pet anywhere.

Lost pet?


Introducing the world's most

comprehensive pet tracking system.



Track and communicate with your pet anywhere. Crowd-Notify enlists help.

Furtrieve is a new concept in the pet tracking technology industry.  We combine cellular pet tracking hardware, 2-way communication, Crowd-Notify capabilities, and social media integration to provide the most comprehensive way for pet owners to track and be reunited with their pets.

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Furtrieve allows you to track your pet whether they get loose from home or you're traveling and want peace of mind. Our national and global coverage allows you to keep an eye on them anywhere.


Mobile Virtual Fence

With Furtrieve and your mobile phone, you can create a Mobile Virtual Fence (geo-fence) anywhere.  Using our app, you can turn the fence on and off anywhere.  The fence will alert you and your contacts if your pet wanders off.    

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Two-Way Communication

Using our unique technology, pet owners can talk to their pet(s) through Furtrieve and hear them back. If your pet is lost and then found, you can communicate with the person who has recovered them.


Web Portal and Mobile app

Our approach enables pet owners to track their pet in a variety of methods.  We built a web portal that you can use on any device or allow access for your friends, family, or organizations. We also have a mobile app that is available on the Apple Store.

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Crowd-notify, Group chat

Use the "Crowd-Notify" button in the mobile app, and Furtrieve will immediately send out notifications of your pet's location to up to ten preprogrammed contacts. You can then create a group chat to help recover your pet.



Furtrieve is water-resistant! Our device is able to withstand water being directed at or splashed on it.

"10 million dogs are lost every year"

-American Humane Association

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Crowd-Notify Technology

Send alerts and location of your pet to your friends, neighbors, and family if your pet goes missing.


Why Furtrieve? 

Furtrieve truly enables a unique approach in pet tracking to help keep your pets safe

We created Furtrieve to bring something unique to our customers. We looked at the pet tracking industry differently and realized that they're all based on a 1 to 1 relationship with pets and their owners. Furtrieve sought to create a different paradigm and came up with our Crowd-Notify technology. The more people that can help recover your pet is the best way to increase your opportunity at recovery.  The Furtrieve team built a solution that also integrates into social networking technology (future release).

If you're not home or in an area close to where your pet is lost, why not get your neighbors, friends, or family to help? Crowd-Notify enables you to immediately notify up to 10 people of your pet's location and that they're lost, greatly reducing the time to finding your pet.  We enable two-way communication with your pet; if someone finds your pet, you can talk to them through Furtrieve.